Case Study: Conference


1,300 people

The Brief →

This Midland Heart conference was one of their largest to date, and involved over 1300 attendees, coming to the main conference, a workshop of their choice and the market space – an innovative exhibition and networking space which incorporated 8 different market stalls and numerous food stalls.

At the start of the first project in 2014 we spent time learning about the client, their culture, their team and their work. This is crucial in understanding their objectives and how we can assist in achieving them.

The Solution →

We managed the full delegate management experience from sending the initial invitation, the registration process, welcoming and assisting on-site through to the post event feedback.

Creating a personalised experience was all part of the event from the outset. During the online registration process as well as selecting workshops relevant to them, they were asked for favourite dishes on the food stalls, favourite music tracks for the event playlist and what they wanted to come away with from the day.

The key event stakeholders, including our production and creative managers determine the objectives and message of the event alongside developing the strategy and content for the event. Midland Heart staff come from a variety of backgrounds and are spread out over several locations. Engagement techniques need to be creative, inclusive and suitable for all, but there also needs to be an element of fun to enhance the learning.

Bringing the event to life with a tight budget and deadlines was one of the key KPI’s. A preferred concept idea of “setting out our stall for the future” led to the development of the Market Place, a key focus of the event. This route and identity had great synergy with the irresistible street foods and pseud-market feels, but also showed the key company message is being delivered. The Market Place was created to provide an engaging, fun and highly informative space on a limited budget. The space included street food stalls from around the globe to cater for the multi-ethnic audience. Designs were presented for each sector, and then tailored to suit the space and budget. Market stalls included interactive elements to increase engagement.

From the Voxpops received and the post event feedback collected through the online survey, the event was a great success.

Delegates came away having a clearer understanding of where Midland Heart was going, and the key messages of the day were absorbed.

From our perspective, working in close partnership with the client was essential for obtaining the results and the fact that we have been asked to assist on multiple events since, including the next staff conference is the best result for us!