Brand Activation

Want to connect with your consumers? Having delivered over 188 brand activations, engaged well over 250,000 commuters at 71 stations and given away over 80,000 gifts, we’ll help you reach out to your consumers on a personal level. We’ll get creative through short, bold, experiential activations and build brand awareness, product marketing, communication awareness and brand affinity.

Building Relationships with
Brand Activation

Whether it be an hour event or a two-day pop-up, brand activations are an up-and-coming approach to showcase brand identity and reach new consumers. We will find the best locations, from small train stations to large public spaces, to target your audience footfall, and take care of any necessary licenses and permissions.

Go the Extra Mile With…

Personalised giveaways
Engagement tools
Selfie frames
Selfie bots
Inflatable ball-pools

And much more!

No manpower? No problem.

If you’re worried about staff spending time out of the office on the events or possibly not having the energy you feel the event would need, then fear not! We have a great team of professional freelancers based all over the UK who would be more than happy to support you as an extension of your team and can be hired on an hourly rate.

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