About Us

Creating spectacular, bespoke events across the globe is what we do. No matter the size, location or budget, it’s so important to us that we get it just right for you. With HQ in the West Midlands, the Autograph team is made up of an experienced team of event managers, producers, audio visual technicians and exhibition planners.

Our Values


We are constantly evolving and looking at ways we can improve our services that we offer to our clients.


We work with you throughout each project as an extension of your team. We love working together and helping your vision come to life.


Our team of event professionals love what they do and this comes across on every project we work on. We throw our heart and soul into each one!


Our attention to detail is what we pride ourselves on, our team is conscientious and go above and beyond to ensure a seamless service.


We take sustainability very seriously; whether it’s in our office environment or event considerations, we evaluate our actions against the impact on the environment.


Wholeheartedly putting 100% into everything we do and unifying brands.


Nothing we do is standard or off the shelf. We tailor make each solution to fit your brief, flexing to your needs.


Exceptional talent and expertise means we add flair and individuality to all of your projects.

Our Ethos

Our ethos is the backbone to everything we do; working with the right people, those who we can grow with together and who mirror our culture, is vital to a successful outcome. The fact that most of our clients have been with us for over five years – and some nearer to 10 – is a testament to this.

Our team is a varied and diverse group from many different professional backgrounds. We all approach projects from different angles and this works well for creating a culture of innovation, creativity and a “no idea is a bad idea” ethos.


We are proud to be a carbon-neutral company and aim to be net zero by 2025. Not only do we do all we can to reduce our environmental impact, but we also offset any residual emissions and are audited annually by Carbon Neutral Britain*. This proactive approach not only reduces our emissions but also reverses our impact on climate change.

Reducing your carbon impact for your event does not need to be a drain on your budget. In fact, many of our clients have noticed genuine financial savings through implementing sustainable strategies. It can be as simple as reducing, reusing and recycling throughout your event. For example, using Event Apps and LED signage reduces the need for any paper or marketing collateral, while building sets with recycled materials and reusing generic branding from previous events reduces the need for duplication. Contact us to discover more about how we build events with sustainability in mind.

*ISO 14064 and GHG Emissions Protocol Accounting Standards

How We Work

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Taking a unique approach to bespoke events management, we offer a modular service, where you can pick and choose what you need us for. This means we can tailor-make each solution to fit your brief and flex to whatever requirements you have.

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We partner with many local service providers both in the UK and overseas. This allows us to deliver a service with local support anywhere in the world. It’s why we’re known for finding some of the most spectacular venues around the globe!

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