Design & Creative

It isn’t just about what looks good; we can help you to design and tailor your content so that your key messages are delivered in the most appropriate, memorable and engaging ways. Our producers can provide coaching so that even your most nervous of speakers deliver an Oscar-worthy performance, and even design workshops to provide an interactive and empowering experience for delegates to truly understand your brand.

Our Design & Creative Services

Taking a holistic approach, we ensure that absolutely everything, from initial marketing material to stage set-ups and lighting, works together to deliver your brand’s unique message. We think of all assets needed to make your event a success, and will be there with you every step of the way.

Our fantastic creative team can create leaflets, banners and handouts, while our tech team can use the most intelligent lighting and sets to create a completely different feel for conferences and dinners – without increasing the cost.

We even offer coaching to those who want to brush up on their public speaking skills, and design ‘break out’ spaces for your delegates to interact with your brand.

When you choose Autograph Events, you can rest assured that every aspect of event planning will be thought of, assessed and implemented with the utmost care and attention.

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