Case Study: Overseas Full Event Management Project

Case Study: Overseas Full Event Management Project

The Brief →

Earlier in the year we were tasked with organising the biannual business meeting for an industrial/retail company, this was the second time we had assisted with their sales meeting, involving 120 delegates from all over EMEA.

The brief was to find a well located European city that was accessible for all delegates, with seamless flight connectivity and proximity to a central hub. The hotel needed to have excellent conference and exhibition space and be well located so that external activities and dinners were no more than 20 minutes travel.

In addition we were tasked with overseeing all of the delegate registration including the creation of an event website, supporting visa applications, liaising with exhibitors and building a bespoke event app. The app would be a key feature of the event and enhance all of the content and engagement throughout the week.

This event marked a pivotal return post-COVID for the client, so it was extremely important that this conference was flawless and exceeded expectations.

The Solution →

Lisbon was chosen as the perfect location to host the event; we selected the Sana Malhoa Hotelthat was ideally located with excellent conference facilities and delivered exemplary service. For the dinners we hosted a fun informal dinner at a local beer museum, Museu da Cerveja, with an opportunity for guests to visit the museum as well as sample a few different beers. The gala dinner was in a converted warehouse, Monte Mar, which overlooked the river and provided incredible views of Christ the King (Almada), which was lit up in corporate colours.

AE assumed full responsibility for the delegate journey, orchestrating a seamless transition from website creation and initial invitations to on-site support and post-event feedback collation. The team utilised our bespoke event app services incorporating several key features that that greatly enhanced the experience for both the client and attendees.

Prior to the event, delegates and vendors were encouraged to utilise the app and create their own personalised profile and engage with one another through a dedicated private chat function. Feedback from numerous participants and vendors highlighted the app’s efficacy in facilitating pre-arranged meetings and helping create connections for future business, thus optimising their time spent at the event for meaningful interactions and networking opportunities.

Vendors also had the ability to upload their collateral on the app which delegates could then download minimising the need for paper flyers and booklets which are easily lost or discarded. This also had a strong positive impact on sustainability.

Other notable features of the app included a user-friendly agenda, a comprehensive list of speakers, a vendor and attendee directory facilitating direct interaction among delegates, as well as dynamic group chat functionalities.

A Q&A feature was enabled, which could be accessed by the delegates through the list of speakers or through the agenda and selecting the specific session. Questions could be asked before, during or after their presentation. The Q&A had the option to be moderated, with selected administrators approving the questions before they were visible to the speakers and public. This feature empowered attendees to actively participate, contributing to an engaging and interactive event experience while providing essential event insights and data for team evaluation.

The polling feature enabled speakers to gauge audience insights either through pre-loaded questions or real-time inquiries during their presentations, allowing for the collection of valuable data for future research purposes.

A couple of fun features we added to the app were the photo board and the scavenger hunt. The photo board allowed delegates could upload pictures throughout their time at the conference and share with their fellow colleagues. Again, this feature had the option of moderation to ensure all pictures were suitable. The scavenger hunt was a great way to get all delegates to participate in the vendor marketplace and allowed for a little friendly competition. QR codes were placed at each station, so it encouraged delegates to visit each one and engage with the vendors. We enabled a visible leaderboard to that delegates could keep track and see who was winning. As well as creating an enjoyable atmosphere it also helped vendors engage with a larger proportion of delegates leading to increased business discussions and connections for the future.

Overall, the event app served as a pivotal tool in delivering key event information, fostering meaningful connections, and ensuring an immersive and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Our app proved to be an invaluable asset in elevating the event experience. If you are interested in incorporating this enhancement into your future events or wish to see a demonstration, please reach out to the team via the Contact Us page.

Feedback →

‘’We have attended many exhibitions and used many apps – but this one is by far the best – it is intuitive, and provides incredible interaction. We had made sales and connections through it even before we got to the live event”

‘’ I had the pleasure of attending the 2024 EMEA EES sales meeting in Lisbon, Portugal this week, a fantastic event organised perfectly’’

“The app has been an incredibly valuable tool for our event as it has helped us collect data and feedback which we can use to help improve our company’s services and enhance the overall experience for our attendees in future events. The data reports that we received at the end of the event are invaluable”

‘’I would like to thank the Autograph Events for delivering a wonderful event.’’